Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Backsplash

So we're at the end of our kitchen remodel, short on the patience necessary to deal with even more contractors (as well as cash!) so we decided to rely on ourselves to do the kitchen backsplash instead of hiring the job out, saving us hundreds of dollars.

Doing your own backsplash is not hard at all; placing the tiles is a cinch, and even though the hardest parts were grouting and caulking, both get easier once you get the hang of them. So my advice (for anyone re-doing any tile in any room) is to start someplace inconspicuous and work your skill level up as you work your way into the more noticeable areas of your work space.

I'm pleased with the job I did and how the kitchen looks now.... we could have gone with a simple, granite backsplash, but I really wanted to add some drama and individuality to our kitchen.  And although I went through every swear word in the book yesterday when trying to get the hang of caulking smoothly, I can honestly say that the money we saved as well as the relatively small amount of time it took to do all this was totally worth it.


  1. Looks great, and very regional. It looks like it relates to the surroundings of your home. Haha here in central Ohio it's very popular to do everything in a Tuscan style. I have nothing against the beautiful style of Tuscany, but to me it is out of place in a colonial home with snow on the lawn out front. I like tile work. It is a good individual project as it's all about the insaller's personal motion and pace.

    1. I agree with you completely. As backsplashes are somewhat easy to change if your tastes change, it makes sense to try out things you like. I applied the mastic very lightly, so whenever I'm ready for a little change, swapping this out for something different will be an inexpensive and noticeable way to change things up a bit. But for now, I like the Tuscan feel of it veery much!