Monday, December 16, 2013

Halcyon Days 2013

Halcyon Days

The weather has once again turned pleasant -- 75 degrees today and the same on tap for tomorrow -- and the girls have been out foraging in the sunny yard.  During wintertime they seem especially interested in dining on green grass,  as well as catching whatever bugs are found out there as well.

And since we love the deep orange yolks that only come from free-range hens, we are happy to oblige with some supervised free ranging most days.

Surely the Farmer's Almanac, which declared that "Halcyon Days" began on December 14, must know what it's talking about, at least here on the coast of Central California. The period of Halcyon Days, which run from December 14 - 28 is known as a quiet, lovely period when storms stay away and the fabled Halcyon bird builds her nest on the surface of the ocean, which quiets the seas and calms the storms.

I guess sometimes the old fables are true.  They seem to be this year, anyway.

and nights.


  1. I never knew the origin of this term! That is so interesting. We almost hit 70F here yesterday! Shocking and sort of scary.

    1. Sounds like we are sharing the great weather! Very unseasonable for you though, I know, and it must seem very strange for you. But you can do Christmas dinner al fresco now lol!