Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day.  To some people that might mean a fancy vacation or at least drive to the beach, but for me it meant a day here on the homestead when I was caught up on everything and could just putter.

In my opinion, puttering is extremely under-rated.  To have the freedom to amble through one's house and across the property stopping only to do whatever seems fun or interesting is a gift.  Puttering is, to me, very light and pleasant labor -- a bit here, a bit there, then a little of something else.

So many times on this homestead I am outside doing things that I love, but many of those things are also physically demanding or just repetitive, like weeding, pulling and processing crops, or planting.

Puttering gives me the freedom to spend 10 or 20 minutes outside, come back in, and do something else for awhile. Even if that something else includes nothing.

Yesterday, for instance, I harvested about a pound of carrots, watered the lettuce, froze some onions and worked with the new hens a bit.  But then I came inside, made a carrot souffle and an alfredo sauce with chicken and peas, and cooked both up in the solar oven while I spent the bulk of the afternoon lounging on the patio.  It was 96 degrees here yesterday, so the option to lounge was huge.

And today I feel refreshed and hopeful that we will get all our major tasks done before the heat of summer sets in.  One day of wandering around the property made me realize how much we've accomplished, as well as the fact that what's left to do will all be done in good time.

In other words, puttering offers refreshment and perspective.  Both valuable enough that I hope to include more puttering on my days off, instead of trying to cram them full of in-town errands or day trips. Puttering is productive and free, and therefore a bargain on all counts.


  1. It's incredible what can be done when there's "nothing to do". Like you, I often feel my most productive days are those that have no lists or commitments. Rather those where I find myself with time and just start tending little projects. It's a very fulfilling way to spend the day. 96! What?! When it's that hot there, is it miserable? Or just very warm? Anything over 83ish here is swampy and oppressive. But we often have 100% humidity.

    1. Our humidity is really low in general, about 15 percent or less, so it's not unpleasant in the 90 degree range. Plus there's usually a breeze, which helps too. It IS oppressive when it's over 100 degrees here, breeze or not. There's just no cure for that.