Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Late summer in photos

 The lettuce and carrots for fall are coming along nicely. They have a white fabric cover ready to go so they can be shaded at a moment's notice and stay nice and cool on the hotter days.  We're supposed to be 100 degrees on Saturday, if you can believe it.

 Our two Granny Smith apple trees bore their first decent fruit this year!  I'll bet we got about 20 apples in all, not bad considering we planted in 2012.

 But we have also had failure.  I have no idea why this Ollalieberry bush suddenly died on us. This will need to be replaced this fall.

 The west-facing wall of Big Ag's shop has been painted sky blue, to provide heat neutrality. The barn quilt will go on this wall, along with a couple of trellised plants on either side to further keep things cool, temperature-wise.

And we're still getting an abundance of summer goods, including plenty of tomatoes and eggplant (plus a few fall apples thrown in for good measure).


  1. Looks beautiful! That is so exciting to get 20 apples already! That's at least tree pies! How many apple trees do you have in all? All your hard work is paying off! Quite a harvest!

    1. I have two Granny Smith apple trees, and I was thrilled with the harvest. Our Seckel pear also produced several lovely pears, which I was happy about...they were SO delicious. It's so nice to finally get some fruit!