Thursday, March 5, 2015

Moving On -- Deliciously

Compared to yesterday, this smells like heaven.

So how do you get the awful smell of burned hard-boiled eggs out of, literally, the entire house?  The answer is lots of window fans and something else in the oven to stink up the joint.

I bought The Jerusalem Cookbook awhile back but had not tried any of the recipes until recently, when I saw it featured on another blog I read.  So now we are living like biblical kings and eating some unbelievably delicious, healthy and, thankfully, highly odorous food.  Yes, the hard-boiled egg smell is gradually being replaced with that of broiled onions and red peppers, feta cheese, and pastry. Yum.

Absolutely delicious: red pepper, onion, feta and egg galettes

It's also feels good to get back into the kitchen and cook again, proving to myself that I don't necessarily destroy things on a regular basis in there.  Sometimes you can really use a victory, and The Jerusalem Cookbook is allowing me to have sequential successes, dinner after dinner.  In related news, today and tomorrow is the holiday of Purim, a very silly and fun day filled with comedy, drinking and great food. And so tomorrow I will be making some special cookies to honor the event.  

Hopefully they will also smell wonderful and I can put the whole egg-burning episode behind me.  The chickens are laying again and so soon we will have a dozen eggs in the fridge, proving that you screw something up and life goes on regardless. Eventually you get back at least some of what was lost. 

I take a fair amount of comfort in that, and in comfort food as well, in whatever culture happens to be serving it.


  1. Those look absolutely delicious! Beautiful too.

    I used to make Hamantaschen when my children were little. Poppyseed was my favorite. My husband is Jewish, so we celebrated both Jewish and Christian holidays. I remember going to a few Purim festivals. The kids looked so cute in their costumes.

    1. I love Purim too, Molly. It's just so much fun. The Hamentashen came out beautifully, I made apricot and ollalieberry since that was what I had on hand, and they are so yummy! I think it's great when families get to celebrate two faith traditions, so much better than having to choose one and then miss out on the other.

    2. I had to look up ollalieberry - I never heard of it. But it sounds delicious. I love berries and eat them year round. I prefer fresh, but frozen will do in the off seasons.

  2. Those look so good!! I'll look into that cookbook.
    So right about sometimes needing a victory after being beaten down a little. All kitchens have accidents!