Monday, June 8, 2015

Annual tradition

First big zucchini of the season got picked last night, and so of course today is the first zucchini chocolate cake of the season, cooked in the solar oven.  Today there are at least five more zucchini, the first eggplant, a bunch of ollalieberries and raspberries, onions and peppers, all ready to eat. All around things are ripening and sprouting.  It's a time for abundance. Summer's just a breath away.


  1. Sounds so good! I've never made chocolate zucchini cake but a friend of mine specializes in it and I always enjoy hers!

    1. Chocolate zucchini cake is always great, but I usually wait until I get a monster zuke to do it. As it happens I got one, very early in the season! Guess I need to be checking them a little more often now. Don't need too many more monsters lol.