Sunday, July 12, 2015


Granny Smith Apples

The days may be warm here, but the mornings are always cool and inviting. Today I woke up before six a.m., and decided to do a little walk around the property and check on things before the sun came up. I checked vines, fruit, and growth.  It's amazing how much plants can change just within a few years; the fig tree we planted in 2013 that was just up to my knees is now as tall as I am, and the cherry trees which were sticks now have sizable trunks and stand well over 7 feet tall.

Baby pumpkin.

On the more short-term end of things, the pumpkins are growing in anticipation of fall, and summer squash is in its usual state of over-abundance.

Ollalieberry vine.

For some folks, Sunday is a church day, and I have total respect for that, but I have always found God more present in the land than in the cathedral.  And so this morning left me especially grateful for the fruit, for the clouds, and for the good land we live on.

Seckel pears.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


  1. Hello! Those pears have such a beautiful, deep color! I agree with you about feeling connected when outside. Just hasn't been an option here with our FEET of rain. I don't mean to rub that in. there is lots of too much of a good thing going on everywhere I think! Except Maine. July and August will always be perfect in Maine (or until whatever unforeseen change comes) :)
    I'm excited to catch up and see what I've missed!

    1. I know, I've missed seeing you! BTW, I finally got my sous vide system, and I'm planning on using it this weekend. We have a hurricane named Dolores making its way up the Pacific Coast and may actually see some rain this weekend, but the temps are supposed to be 96 so it might be a little painful with the humidity. We shall see!