Monday, February 15, 2016

Spring blues

Vinca, foreground, with Wooly Blue and Rosemary in background. Spring blues.

This is the time of year when everything blue and purple seems to bloom. Rosemary, of course, is in total crazy abundance, which the bees are thrilled about. Our rosemary bushes literally hum this time of year. But also Vinca and Wooly Blue.

This 10 year old rosemary is magnificent this time of year and hums with bees.
Our large planter bed in the back yard now has finished brickwork (except for the capstones for low seating, which we'll install once the planting is done) and is filled with soil. We hauled the last five yards of soil using our neighbor's tractor, which made it so much easier. 
Just starting to plant this bed, got the Irises and Agapanthus in place so far. Watch this space!
And we have the first wildflowers coming up in the pasture. Actually it's amazing how green everything is right now, although there are still plenty of trees that are dormant and bare. 
Vines are sleeping but wildflowers are up and at 'em.

Vinca loves spring but hates summer around here.

Our El Nino seems to have pooped out as far as rain goes. Thus far we've had average rain. Since we've only lived here since 2012, when this drought really got started, we've literally never seen a normal rain year here...and if February and spring are as dry as everyone is predicting, we'll go another year without seeing the rain that is "normal." 

I like Wooly Blue and Yarrow together.

Unless, of course, this is the new normal. Let's try not to believe that until we absolutely have to.


  1. I've never had Rosemary bloom. Yours is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It's just a crazy mound of flowers.

  2. Oh my god I can't imagine having rosemary like that! Stunning! I love blue flowers and am jealous how many grow in warmer regions. I'm most salty about agapanthus. What a shame there hasn't been more rain, considering what a strong El Niño this was to be. We are having the strangest winter with constant fluctuations of 40 to 50 degrees at a time. But we had a pretty snow last night so I enjoyed that.

    1. Sometimes I really do wish there was a way to take all the excess snow/water you get and ship it out here! I think it's been a strange winter for everyone, and I guess we can thank El Nino for that. We've had HUGE waves but not as much water as everyone thought.

  3. Blue is my favorite color! Love the flowers.

    I probably sound like a broken record, but living so close to Lake Erie, we get a lot of lake effect snow and rain. We're buried in snow right now, but the temps will be in the 50's by the end of the week, with rain predicted, so we'll be dealing with flooding. Wish we could funnel it your way!

    1. Yes, I agree. A couple of winters ago during the "Polar Vortex" thing, I saw snow piled 20 feet high in some cities and thought, "now, what a shame we can't ship that out here!" Perhaps some day they'll build a pipeline to do just that.