Monday, June 27, 2016

Have a seat. Finally!

They screamed "take me home!"
So we finally have some chairs to go with the antique mahogany table we found at auction several months ago. We were using our old, totally-not-a-good-match oak Mission Style chairs with it while we waited to find new ones, which of course took longer than expected. 

I got to serve Christmas dinner with a mismatched dining room set, which I'm sure no one else noticed but me. But prime rib just tastes better when everything matches or at least goes, as they say. 

And at that point the only thing that needed to go was those chairs. Out the door.

But the providence happened. A friend and her beau decided to begin living together and needed a dining room set, so we were able to pass on both our old table and the chairs to them -- which unfortunately left us minus six dining room chairs, matching or not. But they are in love and so it was worth it. We patched together some seating from other chairs around the house, but I really regretted not bidding on some chairs at the same time as we got the table.

But I was patient. For once.

And lo and behold, this month at the auction there were some dining room chairs which matched our table perfectly. And even better, I already liked the seat upholstery and it was in good shape! 

So yesterday I did the online bidding, which was very quiet, and ended up snagging these beauties for $20 each. Definitely a deal worth waiting for.

And now I have wonderful seating for six, plus two more Chippendale chairs if we need a couple of extra seats. Just in the nick of time, too, as we're hosting a lunch gathering at our house  in another week or so.

Plus it's 110 degrees outside right now, so sitting inside and admiring my new chairs seems like an acceptable and cool activity.

So I did.
Right now I am just finishing the book, "How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are," which discusses how important tablecloths are, style-wise....unless, they say, you have an heirloom table which looks better uncovered. And I thought, "well I do." Not because we are loaded with money or inherited great furniture from our grandparents, but because I'm willing to wait on a good antiques deal and pounce when I find it. 

Perhaps I'll cover it with a tablecloth later in summer, but right now I just want to enjoy all that matching wood. It's been awhile.


  1. Great pounce! They are beautiful & match perfectly.

  2. Love them! You know I totally agree with you! It's amazing the deals to be found on heirloom quality furniture if you are persistent! Congratulations on the finds! And you further prove my theory that there is thrifting karma too and when you release good stuff, the better stuff you've been looking for presents itself!

    1. I think you're right. Stuff is very sort of swims through our life and if we let it move into someone else's when we're done with it, something more "right" for us will eventually arrive in its place. Furniture Karma! Love it.

  3. Just beautiful! And what an amazing deal!

  4. Just beautiful! And what an amazing deal!

    1. thanks, Molly! Had my first dinner party last night where we used them and we're really loving them. They have a found their forever home!