Friday, September 9, 2016

But I have Flowers!

I am happy to report that once again, I kicked a cold virus in the ass due to my willingness to sacrifice all and take a day off to sit on the sofa and nap. This proves, once again, that laziness does in fact sometimes have an undeniable evolutionary advantage.

So today I thought I got under-paid on my timesheet and contacted the gal at work who takes care of such things. She, in turn, contacted the lady who actually cuts the checks. They looked everything over and decided....I was in error. Pay stub was correct. Which, once I looked closely enough at my pay stub, I totally saw, too. Oops.

I'm pretty hard on myself for such human mistakes. I hate that I put my friend and coworker out for nothing and sent her on a wild goose chase. But here's the thing....I have flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Mason jars, too.


So tomorrow I will take my kind and patient coworker these, as a humble request to forgive this lady who doesn't see well without her glasses anymore and never should have been looking at her pay stub without them.

I also currently have dried figs, cucumbers, apple pie filling and preserved relish to get me back into people's good graces if flowers don't work.

For all my bitching about how hard it is to maintain this place, there is no denying that sometimes it pays to live here, especially when you need to make nice to someone because you were a ditz.


  1. Reminds me of the saying, "don't just do something, stand there". You gave your immune system time to do what it does best. Good for you! Glad you are better.

    I'm sure your co-worker will appreciate the nice gesture although my guess is that your co-workers love you anyway. I would enjoy working with you too.

    1. Aww, thank you Molly! I bet we'd be great work friends. It certainly makes any shift easier doesn't it...when you're working with someone you can chat and have a laugh with.

  2. I love your floral arrangements! I would be so thrilled to receive those! I hate making little mistakes like that, too. But we all do and it's really much more important how we act after them than the mistake itself.

    1. That is so true. The real jerks are the people who do this stuff all the time and never apologize in any way!