Saturday, November 26, 2016

Post-Holiday Quiet

So the dishes and serving platters are put away, the orange and brown decorations are coming down and we're onto the green and red (and blue and white) baubles, tableware and tchotchkes.  The kids and other family have headed home, and the house is quiet again. Our Thanksgiving was one of the best ever, and I hope yours was, too.

Here are a few highlights from our day:

Thanksgiving mornings begin with a game of frisbee at the beach. Since I pre-cook everything but the turkey, I have a lot of free time during the day to spend with my assembled tribe, which definitely makes for a better day for the hostess, I think. Universal Law: Happy hostess, happy guests.

The two times you can see me running are these: if someone is chasing me with a knife or if I am at the beach with a frisbee. Thankfully, this is the latter event.

Table is set and ready.

Sputnik appreciated the many laps and arms that wanted to hold him throughout the time we had a full house of guests.

I've said before that holidays are like people; each one in each year has its own distinct personality. Some are tense, some are sleepy, some are frantic. If I had to choose a personality for this year, I'd say mellow. We wrapped up the day (after a few bottles of wine) with a rousing game of Card Against Humanity, where we older folks surprised and impressed our kids with how outrageous we could actually become once lubricated with enough alcohol.  

Yup. It was a good day on the homestead.


  1. Looks wonderful!! Happy Thanksgiving indeed! CAH is always a good time, unless there is too much sensitivity which clearly wasn't a problem for you guys! Love having access to the beach at Thanksgiving! Jealous!

    1. The beach is a relatively new tradition, but it's always at least 15 degrees warmer than home and just so pleasant. But you have Hilton Head for some holidays, right? I just always feel less guilty about stuffing myself silly if I've gotten some exercise in the morning! nonetheless, I'll still weight 5 pounds more by the time the weekend is over haha.

    2. Not as often nowadays but always when I was little at thanksgiving! Love starting Thanksgiving with the beach.