Friday, December 14, 2012

It's been a few days since I posted because I was doing some charity work (story for another day), and today I was going to blog about the hard freeze that hit last night and the fact that today really feels like the first day of winter.  But then I turned on the television and saw the tragedy unfolding in Connecticut.  

From what I've heard so far, there is an entire classroom of kindergarten children unaccounted for, possibly dead, along with several adults.  Of course as a parent, when you hear about something like this you immediately think back on your own child at 5 years of age.  It's an age of sweetness and innocence, where Christmas is the biggest day of the year, and the events leading up to Christmas -- class parties, Christmas concerts and assemblies, are all a whirl of fun and joy.  For the parents, too.  Seeing your kindergartner sing in his first Christmas program, and watching the pleasure as they bring home Santa Claus and Christmas Tree art projects makes this season the most magical time of parenting there is.  It's only outdone by The Big Day itself -- seeing their sleepy little faces on Christmas morning when they realize Santa has come and watching them open their gifts, surrounded by their loving family.

I cannot even imagine the horror this little town will have to face, with 18 of its children dead in such a terrible manner.  I cannot imagine Christmas ever again being good for the parents left behind, who only a few months ago shed bittersweet tears when they watched their little boy or girl walk into their kindergarten classroom for the very first time...a milestone for most parents, and a new era in their children's lives as well.

Who ever thinks in September that by the New Year's they will be picking out a cemetery plot and headstone for their child, and doing it along with 18 of their schoolmates, their teacher, and their principal?  My heart and my tears go out to all those parents, and to the children because their lives were cut short so soon, and so violently. 

Today, I have nothing more to say than that.  It just truly boggles the mind.

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