Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Homestead Kitchen a.k.a. Looking Forward to Fall

If you've noticed this blog has been a bit sparse on posts lately, it's because my lifestyle has undergone a temporary change that has left my homesteading activities on the back burner...well, they'd be on the back burner if I had a working stove and range hood, that is.  Which I don't at this time.

When you begin homesteading, in fact, one of the first things you notice is how much time you're spending in the kitchen.  I happen to love doing that, so homesteading and I fit together like hand in glove.  Making soap and laundry detergent, canning food and making stuff from scratch are all kitchen-intensive activities.  That's one of the main reasons we remodeled the kitchen -- to make it more user-friendly.  But the project that started the first week in July hit a snag when the farm sink we bought (on the designer's instructions) did not fit into the sink cabinet, and the cabinetmaker has now been tasked with creating a "fix," which should be here later this week.

Once the sink is placed, the countertop people can measure for a template...and then a couple of weeks after that, we will have a countertop, all the little odds and ends that need to be finished will be, and life in the kitchen can resume once again.

Maybe I should be surprised about the delay, but I'm not.  After all, I've seen enough DIY TV to know that when some things go wrong, the fix can take weeks, and it's no different here.

So I've focused on other things, like getting the house really organized, seeing friends, traveling a bit and doing some serious beach time.  

We have several early indications here that we may be on tap for an early fall though, and so I am really looking forward to the days when the temps will slowly start to cool off and I will once again be in the kitchen, doing what I love best, which is making things the simple way, like my great-grandmother did.

And of course I'll still be posting until that happens, it's just that some of the more typical homesteading posts may fall by the wayside until we have a kitchen again.

Sigh.  I really hope this kitchen is worth the wait.


  1. Oh it will be worth it! Also worth the delay to have a farmhouse sink. They're so beautiful. Haha I'm with you, I find home-centric tasks and projects so fulfilling. It seems there are a lot of summer blogging breaks going on. It's a busy time of year. Best of luck! And happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you Stephen Andrew! I know you've been busy too, perhaps we'll both get into the blogging spirit once fall begins to make itself known. A good time to come indoors and write!