Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twin Heavens

When we moved here, one of the things that surprised me the most was our close proximity to some of the most beautiful places on the coast of California.  Yes, the vineyard hills and oaks are lovely, and we are blessed to live among them. But just to the northwest of us lies the twin heavens of the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur, which are absolutely spectacular.

For the last two weekends we've taken off for the coast, two weekends ago to the south entrance to Big Sur on a Sunday drive, and this last weekend to Carmel By-The-Sea, which lies just south of Monterey.    The idea that we can leave here mid-morning for lunch in Carmel absolutely makes my head explode (in a good way!).


  1. I remember when I was in California last I met a couple who lived in San Diego and were on vacation in Big Sur. being from Ohio it seemed so crazy one could vacation in their own state! I can't imagine driving four hours in any direction and having an entirely different landscape.

    1. As a native Californian, I've grown up with that so I'd never really thought about it until now. For us, crossing a state line is a big deal, usually involving a huge drive, haha. Guess that has its advantages and disadvantages! It might be nice to easily be able to visit another state!