Monday, June 2, 2014

Peep Show

We came up with a new chicken run design that will allow us to keep a few more chickens than we had previously thought.  So after a lot of jotting down numbers, estimating lifespans and laying years,  Big Ag made a trip into town last Saturday to catch the local Farm Supply's shipment of just-hatched chicks.  It was their last shipment of the year! We got an Australorp, a Silver Wyandotte, and a New Hampshire Red.  They will join Ellen, Portia, Cleo and Chloe in a couple of months, once they are bigger.

In other news, Red, our Rhode Island Red (who had been so aggressive with Cleo and Chloe) has now gone to live at the winery with about 10 other adult hens.  She will no doubt get on better there, as there are no youngsters for her to torment.  

She was particularly good friends with Ellen, and already Ellen has been looking around for her friend, but hopefully in a day or two everyone will settle down, the three babies in the brooder, our two juvenile pullets and our old golden girls in the new chicken house and soon-to-be-built new chicken run.


  1. Oooh yay! Im so glad you got a few more!

    1. Yes, me too. I'm chicken-sitting the neighbors' flock right now, and they have about 12 hens. SO much fun watching them all, it made me want to get some more too! Besides, if you can't just make a bigger chicken run when you want more chickens, what's the point of living in the country lol.