Friday, August 15, 2014


My son turned 21 this month, so today we took him out for his first wine-tasting adventure.  

Just a tad overserved by the time all was said and done. Kid's gotta learn to pace himself and not be afraid to use the dump bucket on the bar once he's tasted something.  

I kept trying to tell him he didn't need to drink everything that was put in his glass, but since we had a designated driver that was his own lesson to learn I suppose.


  1. Ha! Been there. Good thing there are plenty of eggs to help that hangover tomorrow morning. Although he might be fine. I don't think the hangovers become vicious for a few more years! Happy birthday to him.

    1. Thank you! He had a really fun day, and part of the napping could also have been the huge lunch he put away. But I did notice whereas I was tasting and pouring what I didn't want into the bucket, he was downing it.