Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So with the tomato harvest so late (we now have lots of fruit on the vines, but it's all still very green) I found myself in the unusual situation of sitting around on an August morning with nothing to can.  And then I remembered all my cucumbers.

If my tomatoes have been a disappointment so far, my cucumbers have been the opposite. They have far exceeded every other vegetable harvest this year, including zucchini (and that's saying something).  So now that we've had our fill of tsatsiki and cucumber salads, I decided to use the rest of this harvest for relish.

Why not pickles? I hear you cry.  The answer is simple.  My family is very picky where pickles are concerned. They go in these bursts of pickle-love, where they consume massive amounts of them, and then for a couple of years it seems like the eat none.  So canning pickles becomes an exercise in frustration, as the pickle boom becomes a bust and I'm left with jars and jars of them in the pantry.

But not relish.  After all, relish is a staple in tuna salads, on hot dogs, and in potato salad.  If the family does not always have a yen for relish, I can always use it in my own creations.

And so today was all about relish.

We begin our story with relish mix and a hot canner.

Cukezilla, you are a seedy sort and are not welcome at this party.

Into the bath for everyone!
Some relish and leftover cucumber juice for cocktails or smoothies! (Who am I fooling.  Cocktails for sure.)


  1. Looks lovely! I love homemade relish. I'm glad you're having a bumper crop! Cucumber in cocktails is wonderful. That enameled cast iron is probably the perfect pot for this job! Is it made by Lodge? Or Le Creuset? It looks a little thicker than LC. How has it been? It's beautiful...especially filled with bright green!

    1. Oh Stephen, it's confession time for me: This dutch oven is by Martha Stewart (a.k.a an LC knock-off!) which I picked up at Macy's a few years ago. It's actually done quite well, I figured if it turned out to be cheap or if it heated unevenly I'd get an LC to replace it once it failed, but it's done beautifully. Who knew? Now I'll never get my LC, haha! But there are other LC pots I have my eye on, so maybe its for the best. Sigh. I shouldn't complain, it works great and was half the price of LC. : )

    2. The only confession is that you got a way better deal than I did! Which LC pots are you thinking about? I have to say they work miraculously well, and are SO easy to clean. I have the 15 1/4qt goose pot, 9 1/2 qt French oven, and a few enameled stoneware pieces that are in constant use and look brand new.

    3. I think I've seen some pics of yours on your blog and they ARE beautiful. I'm in love with the deep, rectangular casserole dishes (with the lids) and also the 5 x 7 ones for breadmaking...so pretty and so functional! Also fairly affordable, too,much cheaper than the Dutch ovens were.