Sunday, November 23, 2014

Greens, reds and rainbows

One thing I'm fond of doing (as I'm sure most of you are as well if you have any kind of edible plants growing on your property) is snacking as you walk through the garden.  Right now the pineapple guavas are ripened and falling off the bushes -- what wonderful treasure to find under the trees!  I am sure I get a good part of my body's micronutrients from these and the pomegranates that are also ripe this time of year.

Sometimes I lament when it's too late in the day to get outside and pick some lettuce for an evening's salad, but with some of these fruits sitting in a bowl on the counter, there's no reason I can't boost my "fruit and vegetable" servings just a bit by snacking on them in the evening after work, instead of something more processed and unhealthy.

And while those short days do make me feel like I don't always get enough time out in the garden, the winery has its own set of pleasures, like this late-afternoon rainbow we saw over the vineyard a few days ago.


  1. I've never heard of pineapple guava! The amount of fruit you can grow is astounding to me. The only edible thing in my landscape now are deer! Seeing a rainbow is always exciting! What a view you have from your office :)

  2. Thanks! If you ever shop in a place that sells "exotic" fruits and veggies, see if they have any of these pineapple guavas. They taste like Jolly Rancher candy --seriously. SO good! Oh, and regarding the rainbow, this pic only captured about half of it, it was truly amazing.