Sunday, November 30, 2014

Surprise late harvest!

I was down in the pasture yesterday spreading around some chicken manure in approach of a coming rainstorm when I found these late harvest red grapes, in perfect condition and ready for picking, two months after harvest officially ended.  They are super-sweet, and a perfect end to the 2014 growing season.  I have no idea when these appeared but am very glad I found them before the freeze sets in.

Sometimes nature gives us a bad surprise -- gophers, disease, or other damage. And sometimes, she gives us a sweet treat long after we thought the season was over and done with.


  1. What a great surprise! They look so good! Did you plant these vines? Or were they already on the property?

    1. They were absolutely delicious, Stephen! We planted the vines in Spring 2013 and got a few bunches of grapes this summer, but they were not nearly as good as these late-harvest ones were. Next summer I will leave all the grapes on the vines much later, too, covering with bird netting if I have to. These were such a treat.