Monday, March 21, 2016

The Race Is On!


At the 48 hour mark, it's easy to see who is winning the germination race. It's the zinnias, by a huge margin. But there is also activity in the Sugar pie pumpkins, the Waltrip butternut squash and the Black Beauty Zucchini.


I love watching seeds sprout. They are each so different in how they grow, but for some the speed with which they germinate and get started is quite amazing.


There's also a whole mess of transplants in the sunroom, which have had several weeks to grow and will probably get planted next week.


  1. Ah I didn't start any seeds this year, and this makes me miss the smell! I love the fresh new smell of sprouting seeds. Looks like a successful program!

    1. I don't usually start seeds in such great abundance and I must say it's been fun! I'm just glad I don't have to find ways to eat all the squash these seeds are going to produce.