Monday, March 21, 2016

Wine and little old ladies.

Running the world.

The wine dinner last night was wonderful, and despite all the great food and wine the best thing about the night was sitting next to a couple of elderly ladies (probably 75-80 years old or so) and getting to know them.

At first I was not happy to be seated at the "old folks" table rather than the younger set, since our table was definitely the quietest in the room. But as I talked more to these women, I discovered they were total badasses. One was a personal estate attorney who had, literally, just retired this month after an extremely long and successful career. The other was a former aide at the U.N., who told us tales of conflicts in Bolivia and meeting presidents and foreign heads of state.

Just goes to show that you should never count the little old ladies out before getting to know them. Sure, they might be grandmothers who bake great cookies and bounce grandkids on their knees, but they might also be women who have been busy running the world for the last half-century, kicking ass and taking names.

I only hope I can do the same as I enter my golden years.


  1. Great story! It reminds me of the time my husband and I attended an event. We were seated with an African American couple and a Muslim couple. Among the six of us, we were Muslim, Christian and Jewish. The conversation at the table was so good, I can hardly remember what the speaker talked about.

    Not only did I learn of our different points of view, I also realized just how similar we were. Among discussion of religion and politics, we also talked about careers, cell phone plans, vacations, and grandchildren.

    You never know what you're going to get when you're seated with strangers. Our evening was one of the most memorable ever.

    1. I agree, Molly! Those group events with strangers are something I often dread in advance of it happening, but once I sit down and really start talking with people, I rarely regret it.

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  3. Oh how fascinating! What good luck. That sounds like a wonderful evening.