Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

So Mother's Day is one of those holidays which is kind of hit and miss around here, especially now that the kids are grown. We've had days where A Grand Effort was made, and other years when not much happened.  This year was, surprisingly, the former.

Gardens at the Paso Inn

We started out by having brunch at the Paso Inn (along with what seemed to be about half the residents from around here). It was busy but we got awesome seating -- outside, next to a huge bed planted with Stock (which smelled absolutely amazing) and instead of fold up seats, were given huge comfy wicker lounge chairs to sit in. Don't know who Big Ag or my son Trains (so called for his love of anything that rides on rails) paid to get the VIP treatment or if it was just luck, but I'm taking it happily, however it happened.

Once brunch was over we started discussing what to do. A walk on the beach was thrown around, but because it was such a nice day we decided to come home. You see, in summer we'll be 100 degrees here and the beach will be an awesome and welcome cool-off, but right now home is the place to be if you want blue skies, gentle breezes, and wonderful views.

Home is where the hang-out is.

And then the Gift portion of the day began. Got a sweet planter in my favorite color from the lovely and thoughtful stepdaughter we don't see often enough, and got this mug and dish towel from Trains' girlfriend (she can become a permanent fixture as far as I'm concerned), and awesome NASA oven mitts and t-shirt from Trains. Yes, NASA oven mitts! My stepson Groceries called in from his Navy base in South Carolina in the evening, and it was great to get to talk to him as well.

NASA oven mitts and assorted goodies. Love it all!
My gifts have a definite dichotomy between Farm and Land and Space (The Final Frontier), which would make total sense if you knew me since I'm a bit of both. Grounded but spaced out -- sometimes literally.

And while I hate to say that being taken out to brunch or given lovely gifts -- you know, material things -- makes me feel loved, the fact is, it did!


  1. I'm so happy you had such a nice day! Those flowers are all from your garden, aren't they?! I zoomed in and checked! Haha they are absolutely stunning. What's the blue? That's bottle brush in red, right? I need to figure out a way to grow that because it really adds a lot to arrangements.

  2. So the blue is Ceanothus, which does very well in our climate -- it likes very little water and doesn't mind heat. The red is from my Red Hot Poker plant, another drought-loving species. My favorite one in that bunch is the big purple rose, a new variety I just planted this year called....wait for it... "Big Purple." It lived up to its name!

    1. How funny! I wonder if its full name is "Stephen's Big Purple"?! Haha there is a purple rose I've admired called that! So so pretty. I will look into ceanothus too. Wonder if I could grow it as an annual in my window boxes which are little deserts regardless of our million inches of rain.

    2. If it had good drainage and a warm place to live it could probably do well in a pot. They do get big, however, mine is about 5' tall by 4' wide. But you could probably keep it manageable with pruning. It's also called "California Lilac" because the blooms are so gorgeous. Good luck!

  3. It sounds like a lovely day. You have a beautiful view.

  4. Thanks Denise! Hope you had a nice weekend too. Pretty much perfect weather.