Thursday, October 10, 2013

End of the season

It's the end of the season.  The tomato plants have been pulled and are drying on their tomato cages while the last tomatoes ripen.  I'm still not sure what to do with them.  I may possibly do one more batch of canning, or just make a lot of pico de gallo for the family to enjoy.  It's time for pumpkin picking, onion pulling, and planting carrots, lettuce and spring onions.  

The slowdown in the garden is a welcome thing, as the days are so much noticeably shorter.  Watering at sunset is no longer an option, as sunset now coincides with the dinner hour.  I've had the pellet stove on in the mornings the last two days, partly because it was a little chilly (40 degrees, but nothing compared to what's coming) and partly because I want to burn off the dust that's built up inside it slowly so the first time we fire it up on the "high" setting it does not make the entire house stink.  

These are the seasonal chores that make this time of year unique.  There is a great deal of satisfaction in having a pantry stocked with summer's goodness, and the fact that we're finally done with all the renovations and repairs that came part and parcel with this property we bought.

Truly, this year will be one of savoring the season ... first frost, first big storm, and lots of fall and winter dishes made in the new kitchen, which beckons with its Tuscan farm feel and warm wood. Crowds are picking up at the winery, with tourists coming into the area for the harvest season, and it's always a pleasure to talk to them and pour some great wine in their glasses.

Blessed, truly.


  1. Oh your kitchen just looks so happy. And what is better than cabinets full of preserved goodies from your own garden?! The hard work has paid off.

    1. It really does feel good, both to be stocked up and to finally be able to slow down!