Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Last weekend I was working at the winery (where I am no longer working for wine and am now a paid staffer) and one of the winemakers brought in four bottles of bubbly.  One was labeled "control" and the other three had numeric designations in ascending order, which it turned out had something to do with sugar content.

An informal tasting began among the staff, with the control bottle being tasted first (to establish a baseline), followed by the other three, in order of increasing sugar content.  Then we voted on our favorite.

For me, it was a tie between #3 and #4, but for the drink to be able to be called "dry," it must not go above a certain amount of sugar.  Yet the sweet-but-still-tart versions were my favorite, because I like a balance in my bubbly.  What about you?

Either way, I was reminded again that I have the best job in the world. Where else can tasting sparkling wine be added as a normal task of your workday?


  1. Oh I love the super super dry sparkling wines. I'm a little jealous of your job! And still jealous of your sink!

    1. The job might be hard to find in your area but the sink? That just takes the price of the sink itself and the commitment to rip apart your kitchen cabinets and live without basic cooking and cleaning functions for several weeks while they try and make it fit in your kitchen, haha. Easy,lol. : )