Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blind Tasting Party

In a little while, Big Ag and I, along with some friends and coworkers from the winery will be getting together for a blind tasting party.  We will each be bringing one bottle, which will have the label covered to provide it with anonymity, plus a dish to share.  The covering on the label will allow us to taste and see what appeals to us without the distraction of knowing what winery it came from, what we know about any awards or points given by wine societies or magazines, or what we've heard about it from others in the business.  It will also allow us to jot down various flavors we note on tasting -- will we really get essences of cranberry and oak when we don't know that's what we're supposed to be tasting?  We will see.


  1. Oh this sounds soooo fun!!! Were there any surprises?

  2. YES! We definitely learned that a couple of us were able to pull enough notes out of the wine to be sommeliers (I did OK but not great). We also had to guess what kind of wine it was, and that was fun. I got a couple right, but as I said, we had a couple of rock stars among us who nailed almost every one perfectly. When it's not labeled, it's damn hard to tell a Syrah from a Barbera!