Friday, November 1, 2013

Indian Summer

Although we've had several days of cool weather, today the thermometer on the porch is reading 80 degrees, and I'll bet in the sun it's a good 10 degrees above that.  Tomorrow and next week are expected to go back to being cooler, but for now we are really enjoying this brief, Indian summer.

Yesterday I took off for the beach, since I knew it was going to be this warm.  I had some holiday shopping to do in the little seaside town of Cambria, but I never get that close to the ocean without spending some toes-in-the-sand time, and it was heaven.  The weather was probably in the high 70's there, the ocean was turquoise-colored (due to the lower sun angle) and about 20 feet out into the ocean, a school of dolphins was frolicking in the warm water as I walked in the sand.

I used to hate warm weather at this time of year.  In my mind, fall had to look a certain way, or the entire season was ruined.  But as I've gotten older, I'm more about letting things be what they will, and enjoying whatever that may happen to be.  

Turquoise water and summer temperatures in fall?  That is OK, as will be whatever comes after this.  My fall veggies are loving the warm weather, the leaves are still turning right on schedule, and winter will be here soon enough.

Hooray for Indian Summer.


  1. This is very good advice. I am a serial bitch-about-the-fall-color person as if it really matters. I notice the older I get that each fall has a different star. Last year my oaks had the most saturated, otherworldly deep crimson. This year they were brown and lackluster. This year belonged to the Hickory trees that were electric yellow and took center stage. I guess every dog has his day!

    1. That is so true. My trees are unpredictable with their spectacular vs. dull years. Last year we got almost no fall color, this year we've had an abundance. Wish I knew what the causes are!