Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Love Me Day

Flowers blooming on the bluffs.

I Love Me Day is an occasional holiday when I treat myself to whatever it is I am in the mood for -- usually some time in nature.  Big Ag would probably argue that for me, every day is I Love Me Day, but that's not really true.  While I love the work I do around the property, and I love my job at the winery, it's not quite the same thing as spending a day doing exactly what I want.  

Today's agenda called for a hike along the coastal bluffs a.k.a. the western edge of the North American continent. The flowers are just starting to bloom and the sun was warm and welcoming. I decided to have lunch at the Smokehouse in Cayucos, which makes the BEST smoked abalone tacos ever.

Picture courtesy Trip Advisor

Best abalone tacos ever.

 After that, another hike a few miles north of where I started and then a quick trip to Soto's and Linn's in Cambria for some dinner ingredients, followed by a wonderful meal at home of lobster, shrimp, onions and cucumber salad with lime and cilantro.  And olallieberry pie for dessert. 
Grocery shopping time.

Another hike.
It's January in California, and I spent the day doing the perfect activities for this time of year. I even met a new friend!

New friend.


  1. Oh, how I envy you the sunshine and warmth this time of year! I like 'I love me days' too. Although I call them a 'date' with myself.

    We seem to have a lot in common. I wish we weren't on the opposite sides of the country. I would enjoy a friendship with you.

    1. Definitely! The one drawback to meeting wonderful people via the internet is that they often live too far away. In my ideal life we'd all be neighbors.

  2. Oh your Me Day sounds like a Me Day for me too! Haha. Sounds just wonderful. Although I kind of had one today, too. But it was much greyer and not as picturesque. I'm having dinners at my house tomorrow and Saturday, so I enjoyed prepping and organizing all my ingredients today. And a trip to a market way out of my way, but such an enjoyable drive! You dinner sounds delicious.

  3. Your dinner prep plans sound wonderful. I'm sure you're doing lots of creative tablescapes as well as awesome food. I find a creative day, making beautiful things, is just an enjoyable as a vacation day. Hope you post some pics of your dinners!

  4. Stephen - I would enjoy a friendship with you as well. Plus, I'd love to come to your house for dinner!