Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter's List

My chore list for winter is now about halfway done, which is good because I saw the first Bradford pears in bloom a couple of days ago outside the local supermarket, meaning spring is just around the corner.

I don't remember spring coming in January; by my accounts that's about three weeks earlier than in my childhood, but considering the impacts of climate change I don't doubt the change.

It does, however, make me want to speed the plow a bit where my winter list is concerned.  The barn quilts are almost done (I'll post pics once I'm finished!), the raised beds are almost ready for spring planting, I do already have some nice lettuce in the ground and the carrots are all harvested.

We have a couple of landscape projects to start, which will entail removing even more lawn than we already have.  In this drought, I just can't tolerate putting fresh drinking water on a pleasure lawn, and so we may end up with a bigger patio area (which means more room to entertain and lounge outdoors!). Plus we'll be adding some nice, drought-tolerant landscape shrubs, to provide some pretty color. 

If we can make it through this list, I will feel a great sense of satisfaction as the days grow longer and warmer.

How are your winter projects coming?  


  1. !!! Crazy to think fruit trees are already blooming. Winter just started here in earnest, I wish I could loan you some of my spare winter project time! Especially since I don't really have any major projects. Can't wait to see the barn quilt! Good thing you are a self-starter and have spaced this out evenly.

    1. Thanks,I would love some of your winter time! But please don't think I'm always this organized...this year, I made a list and managed not to lose it, so I have a guideline. Most years I sit in front of the fire and think about things I *should* be doing until it's May and too hot to do them lol.

  2. Our winter here is just getting started too. Projects include shoveling and more shoveling. Wish I could send you some of our water. Once spring comes, the snow melts and the rains come.

    Spring in January sounds heavenly!

    1. The idea of significant free water falling from the sky is pretty amazing to me, Molly. Someday I hope they come up with a pipeline to take all your excess water, which can cause flooding, and transport it out here, where we're usually dying of thirst.