Thursday, November 19, 2015

Movin' On

Fuzzy Feet has found a permanent home, with a coworker's parent, who is retired and would love to have an inside hen. 

Sigh. I guess deep down I always knew she was just much too "all that" to live the simple life with my farm girls and rooster. Clearly what this chicken needs is a stylist, an agent, a photographer and some papparazzi and her Hollywood career will be launched.

And I can say I knew her when. Remember me once you hit the Big Time, Fuzzy Feet. We'll have her probably through Thanksgiving, after which she'll be moving on to her new digs.

P.S. We also found out from her previous owner that her name was not (surprise!) Fuzzy Feet. It is VALENTINA. Yes, a truly glamorous name for a glamorous girl.


  1. Aw!! Farewell Valentina! So wonderful of you to have fostered her. Hope her last week in your house is harmonious!

    1. She laid an egg for me today, so I'm thrilled and grateful, plus that does mean she's comfortable and not stressed here. If I had the time to devote to an inside chicken I'd certainly keep her, she's just so sweet. But these hens can live 10 years so that would be a huge daily cage-cleaning commitment, which I do not have the time for right now! But yes, she seems very happy here. I will miss her when she goes.