Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tales from Wine Country, Episode #996

Photo courtesy CNN.

So last night, on the way to a party at the winery (as guests -- not pouring!) we saw this amazing sight in the western sky. Having worked in both the aviation and astronomy fields when I was younger, my point of reference was that it looked not unlike the tail of a comet.

Big Ag and I discussed, seriously, the possibility of it being either a comet or asteroid which came in rapidly and was heading towards Earth as we were motoring along.

We decided that some pre-apocalypse sparkling wine and a nice dinner couldn't hurt and were, in fact, probably a good idea if, in fact the end was near.

You discover your priorities in times of crisis, people.

We later heard on the news that the strange sight in the sky was an unarmed Trident missile shot from a submarine and going airborne in the sky off the coast of Southern California. But, hey, better to be proactive in the case of something serious, right? 

In case of emergency, break out the bubbly. Plenty of time to load the weapons after dinner.


  1. Oh I agree 10000%. How fun to see something like that and have an intelligent opinion as opposed to "that was a bright light" like most of us.
    Hope the party was wonderful. Even though I know the behind the scenes, after hours wine parties are about 5% of the life, it's a huge part in my wine country fantasy.

    1. The party was grand! And actually, your fantasy is correct, there are a LOT of incredible parties we go to, just a few of which I document here. They go on year-round and with 300 different wineries around here, there's literally several happening each week (not that we get invited to all of them, of course). But we have gotten to the point where we turn down more invites than we accept/attend, believe it or not. Sometimes I just look at the calendar and say, "three parties in one week is just too much." I know, hard to believe, but true. : )