Friday, November 6, 2015

Procrastination and "Honey, What Were You Thinking?"

So I have 30 pounds of tomatoes in the freezer waiting to be canned. Back in September, when I told myself I needed to have them all processed by a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, that seemed like an easy deadline to keep.

And now I'm up against it. So next week it is. Production happens around here sometimes only after procrastination has run its course. 

Tomatoes. Next week. Firm. You can't bump tasks into the future once the future arrives, which is always sooner than expected.

In other news, Big Ag promised a good friend that his daughter's boyfriend could park his 26-foot long RV on our land this weekend. The catch? We don't have land to park it on, nor an RV space...we live on a hill. Does the friend know this? I don't think so. So a 26-foot RV will be parked front and center in our driveway all weekend long, housing someone we don't even know -- a boyfriend of a friend's daughter. We don't even know his name.

These are the things which test a marriage, I'm tellin' ya. And that's all I'm saying about that.


  1. hmmm. Not something I'd take in stride, but I applaud you for being able to. At least in writing :) good luck with the tomatoes! Hopefully your kitchen window doesn't overlook the driveway.

    1. Nope, there will be almost no view of the RV monster. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, from an insurance liability standpoint I definitely want to make sure this young man is not planning on inviting friends over for any little impromptu partying. Hopefully it's just a nightmare that will be over sometime on Sunday. Not sure where we'll be parking until then!