Sunday, January 10, 2016

Almost done now

We moved a full 10 yards of bark this weekend, in order to finish up on our backyard project. Moving bark is not difficult as its not particularly heavy, but there can be a little stress and strain from doing repetitive activities like shoveling and wheelbarrowing anything for three days. Luckily, with ibuprofen, anything is possible.

I'm thrilled with how it all came out! We'll finish up planting in a week or two and then all we have to do is construct a brick container in front of the gazebo to house my bulbs. 

Now we just need some nice weather so we can go outside and enjoy it all, but with our area in such severe drought, I won't ask for the rain to stop just yet.

Even the side yard where our chickens are housed got a spruce up with some extra bark and flagstones!


  1. It looks wonderful! Congratulations on closing in on the end of a big project! In sure it feels good! I'll bet the chickens will love all the bugs that will hide in that mulch.

    1. It feels so good to be finishing up! So the chickens' favorite thing to do is kick all the mulch onto the concrete, so they aren't allowed on this side of the coop anymore (except for little Valentina, who isn't as destructive). They have a HUGE run on the other side of the coop. I'll have to take pics of that and do a post on it soon. They live the life of Riley.