Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wild weather

Yes, that is snow!

After a couple of crazy Pacific storms, we awoke to sunshine this morning as the ground gradually dries out and  the songbirds emerge to sing again. As the skies cleared, we even noticed there was snow on some of the highest peaks of the Coast Range, probably in southern Big Sir.

We Californians are a tender lot (as far as weather goes; in earthquakes, we are storm troopers) and an inch of rain in 24 hours is a very big deal for us. But this time, in addition to the scary, wet stuff falling from the sky, we actually did have some damaging winds which took out a couple of residences, several garden sheds, and even a huge water tank.

And while it was no polar vortex or Hurricane Katrina, we did wake to strong thunderstorms which rained, hailed and generally blew us around most of yesterday.

This little sparrow seems glad it's stopped raining.

One thing is for sure, we needed the water, and honestly, we need about 15 more storms just like it to even begin to make a dent in the drought.

While I don't hope for any more damage to property, I certainly would like to see another 15 inches of rain. And since snow in the high hills equals water in our reservoirs, I say bring on the white stuff, too.

Sputnik demonstrates appropriate anti-hypothermia techniques for stormy weather.


  1. I think Californians are entitled to be tender in the face of weather. After all, a monsoon in Ohio ends with rain. Sure, maybe some flooding--but we're used to that. For you guys it can be the start of just about anything! save for human-caused fracking related earthquakes, we don't get them here. There comes a peace of mind with solid ground and no mountains above! Which of course comes at the expense of beautiful vistas like you enjoy. Nowhere has it all! Except Maine in July and August. They have it all.

    1. I think it's kind of funny how afraid of the rain we are. Seriously, an inch or rain in 24 hours will lead on the news in the evening. It's that weird. As for Maine in July and August, anything is possible for weather, but it sure is stunning. SO green. Ohio is gorgeous as well, but you aren't as flat as Kansas, right? There are at least some hills here and there I hope.