Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January spring

It's early spring here on the homestead. Around the central coast, we generally get a long spring and long summer, and late January is generally when we start seeing our first hints of spring. Fall and winter are both extremely brief, which people either love or hate, depending on their general temperament. I'm in between, loving the long spring but hating the long summers. And missing a good fall every year. Someday we will retire and do something about that, but for now, there is plenty here to love. And it seems appropriate to have a lot of green inside, too, to match what's outside.

Anyway, even though the first almond blossoms are starting to appear and the hills are turning emerald green, you don't dare plant anything yet, as frosts and even freezes are still probable.

If summer is the time to be inside in the air conditioning (while all you midwesterners and easterners are outside loving the sunshine and your garden) then late January and February is the time of year for us to be out and about outdoors. It's cool enough to work (65 degrees F this week as a high temperature), sunny enough to be pleasant, and a great time to get things done before the heat comes. Because it's coming. Of that there is no doubt.

Today I pondered what's going to go into my big raised stone flowerbed, other than irises and milkweed. Such endless possibilities! Building this wall was very easy. Now we just have to add the back and fill it up with good soil.

I added some beach pebbles to the metal agave plants and their colorful pots. Decided the gazing ball belonged with its similarly colored siblings, the pots. So now I have some color and interest where I needed some but did not want to add any more plants.

Found this Enrico Coveri scarf at Goodwill for $1.75. Score. Wore it to work last week at the winery and got tons of compliments on it.

We have salads galore and have been using a dressing of Mandarin Orange Oil and Fig White Balsamic to go on them from our local olive oil company, Olivas de Oro. So delicious and refreshing. I planted some more lettuce and spinach this week to keep the greens coming.

All in all, it's been a lovely January spring so far.


  1. I'm having trouble commenting on my phone (not just your blog). But wanted to say I'm jealous of your weather and everything is looking so fabulous! Can't wait to see it fill out. What are the main contenders for the raised bed?

  2. Ah maybe I've sorted it out. The scarf is a great find! I had a score at Goodwill yesterday, too. A faux bamboo side table I've been looking for for years! $15! January has always brought my best thrifting luck.

  3. Love bamboo furniture, and faux bamboo will probably last even longer than the real thing -- good find! So as far as the raised bed goes, I only know that I want to plant different things than what's already around the yard (rosemary, lavender, etc). Nothing wrong with those things, but I've got those bases covered. I'm wanting year-round color, camouflage for the irises as they poop out in summer, and stuff I can take cuttings from and use in arrangements. No ideas as of yet...but there's time. : )