Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Give to yourself in 2017 (because 2016 sucked)

The magical place where comfort and fashion intersect in 2017.

So by now we are well into the new year and most likely at the point where most people's resolutions have begun to fail. Did you make any? How is your resolve going? I think I read a study once that said by about January 21st, your resolutions are either a regular part of your life or have already fallen by the wayside, for better or worse. With most of us, it's the latter.

My resolutions this year are pure pleasure and therefore have a high probability of success, which it seems to me is the way to go. You can always set new rules for yourself, but for your resolutions (which stems from the word resolve, which means to settle and put to rest) , why not resolve to be a better friend to yourself in one way or another? A royal edict coming down from the Throne of You, towards your most loyal subject, also You.

My first new resolution is to only wear comfortable clothes...starting now...for the rest of my life. I'm heading into my golden years and 55 years of scratchy, snug or constricting clothing is enough for one lifetime, thank you. I'm over those items that look great but feel like CIA-sponsored torture -- snug jeans, pointy toes, scratchy blouses, or high heels that look great

but make you want to hurl them at someone after you've been standing in them for more than 30 minutes.

As we get older I suppose we can expect some times when we feel shitty physically, so why should our clothing inflict it on us now, while we still feel relatively good? Go for those new jeans with the elastic band that smooths out muffin tops and eliminates zipper flaps and buttons. Dance the night away in some nice sandals.

Zen begins in the waistband.

I suspect there will be much better reasons to be bitchy up the road so let's be kind to ourselves now. Choose the fleece, choose life. Choose the flats, choose joy. So very zen.

My other resolution is to be less busy. We've talked about busy-ness here before -- how it runs in cycles and creates balance as we cycle through busy-ness to our seasons of "down time." And all that's true, but if my busy seasons were a nine on the scale before, this year I want them to be a six. 

My new motto is that anything worth putting off until tomorrow is even more worth putting off until next week. Underachieving rules the day.

I've also resolved to get back into my own garden more. With taking several months off, all the beds are now free of pests and I'm hoping to have a honeymoon year with my vegetables. I miss it, and I miss the independence and sustainability I feel when I'm growing a good portion of our food. I'm also hooking up an automatic watering system (which I've resisted for years, mainly because being out in the garden daily doing watering also gives you time to check plants for pests/diseases). But an automatic watering system will allow me freedom from being tethered to the garden in the hottest summer days. Again, it's all about comfort.

I don't know what the official Chinese New Year animal is, but for me this year is going to be soft, fuzzy and slow-moving. The year of the Panda? Sloth? If 2016 took things from us (everything from our sense of justice to an orderly and civilized government), I think 2017 should be all about giving back. 

For me, giving begins in the waistband, moves to the feet, and is made of a soft fabric that doesn't constrict your torso or your mood. So here's to a giving, peaceful 2017. Can't say much about the government's chances, but at least my waistband's not going to annoy me any more.


  1. What a wonderful thought, being comfortable. My niece and sister and a cousin are all about Cuddle Duds, warm and comfortable tops and bottoms that help so much in their cold weather. I could live in something with that name. I wish you the best of luck with your garden. I don't know if I will ever try again. Fortunately there's farmers market.

    1. Cuddle Duds DOES sound comfy! And you're right, we have such an amazing farmer's market if you don't want to grow things everything is right there. I often buy meat there since we don't raise it ourselves.

  2. Love this! I think to banish busyness is wonderful and people are often much too proud of being busy only for the sake of telling other people how busy they are. The hard part really comes in keeping your schedule light when you say no to things not because you're too busy but because you don't want to. Haha that can be hard and awkward. Best of luck on your pleasure based resolutions! You should call this your Taurus Year!

    1. Thank you. I think if I'm in comfortable clothes somehow everything else will just magically fall into place. Relaxed begats relaxed, right?

    2. If so, please get a job in th White House!

    3. Our POTUS is clearly uncomfortable on many, many levels lol...the ultimate source of all his (and now our) problems haha.

  3. I only wear knit tops (which includes sweaters) and stretchy jeans. I want fabric that moves with me and doesn't constrict. Shoes are flat with wide toes. I'm in my early 60s and have paid my dues. It's comfortable clothing for me.