Thursday, April 10, 2014


"Mr. Bob White" up early, singing his heart out on the fence post, looking for a lady friend. Hope he finds her.

And hope you find whatever your heart desires today, too!


  1. The past few days I have been singing my mating call for blue and white porcelain!

    1. I'd be interested to hear what that sounds like lol, and whether it magically draws the porcelain into your sphere of existence! I'm guessing there will be some new dinnerware soon!

    2. Haha yes I'm still working out the kinks. If only they sold a blue and white porcelain call at Cabela's. I want to put a palm in the salon entry and am having a terrible time finding a BIG blue and white pot!

    3. Hmm, yes I can see where that might be a tough find. I always say that when it's time, you'll find the right one! A blue and white pot would look great with a nice palm, too. Very clean and bright!