Sunday, April 27, 2014

Catching up

Strung trellis wire, weeded as well as weed whacked, harvested radishes and lettuce, trained raspberry and ollalieberry vines to new trellises, watered, spread bark, cleaned, fed and watered livestock.

Oh, and worked at the winery, of course.

I am glad this weekend is over, because since I tend to work Saturdays, Monday is my Sunday.  It will be great to relax, but it is also nice to slowly be getting caught up on spring's chores.  Next week I need to start thinking about planting pumpkins, squash, cukes and green onions -- most plantings will not be in-ground, but rather in the solarium, because it's supposed to hit the 90-degree area mid-week and that's too hot for baby seedlings. 

This is considered unseasonably warm weather, but not totally unreasonable, since that's how spring can go here...we can freeze or we can boil.  Sometimes all in the same week.

Hope spring is finding you caught up, and in a temperate growing environment!


  1. As nasty as our winter was, our spring has been equally lovely. Minus all the things in my garden that died. I do love working in the service industry because being off on weekdays when the rest of the world is working never gets old to me! Especially since I never work Fridays and rarely work Mondays.

  2. Aw, sorry about the dead plants, that is always irritating and even sad sometimes, if you were attached to the tree or shrub. Losing mature landscaping is especially difficult. Oh and regarding the days off, I'm like you; since I work Saturdays, Sunday and Monday are my weekend days and I LOVE Mondays. I have Fridays off, too, but Mondays are special somehow. So great to be home while the rest of the world works lol!