Monday, April 21, 2014


I don't watch cooking shows on television, but a friend of mine said I should watch a show called, "Chopped," because it reminded her of how things happen at our homestead.

Basically, on "Chopped," someone in charge apparently brings in a random set of ingredients to a chef and they have to create an appetizer, main course, and dessert from what's there.

Today, whoever is in charge here (this would be a toss-up between God, chance, and Mother Nature) provided this:

Carrots, radishes, peas, and eggs.  My idea is to make Egg In The Hat with some Ezekiel bread and some eggs, serve the radishes as an appetizer, and sautee the peas and carrots together as a side dish.  I also have some lettuce in the fridge from the garden, so I'll make a side salad, too.

If we want dessert, I guess a souffle or some vanilla ice cream would be the way to go, since we have more eggs than anything else.

Do you have "Chopped" days, where you get a strange set of ingredients and have to make a feast from it? It seems like the norm around here.


  1. Gorgeous! Kind of. Only in the late summer when I come home from the farmers market with 1000 pounds of veggies. Do you like Chopped? I've never been able to get into it.

    1. I have actually never seen it, but I have friends who say I should. But since I loathe reality TV, I'll probably never catch it and just play "chopped" at home!