Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barn Quilt Pattern

Found this barn quilt template free online.  I like it, but no decisions yet. I may end up designing something on my own, completely different from anything else out there.  But with the right colors I think this could be pretty.


  1. I like this pattern! Do you have any ideas for color scheme yet? Without really seeing the site, this might be an awful idea--but I could see it in all different shades of purple. That would be pretty when the hills are green or brownish gold. But as you might remember from my salon, I'm partial to monochromatic schemes :)
    Was your barn prefab? I am sort of thinking of buying an 8 acre lot and living in a prefab barn to keep construction costs down. The homesite is about 2000ish feet from the road (where utilities are), so that is the wildcard I'm trying to figure out. Just how much utilities will actually cost. But I've been in contact with all different barn manufacturers and have been confused by the wide fluctuation in cost. Their sales models annoy me, as I take it pricing is sort of done like a gym membership or a car: highly subject to negotiation. If your barn is prefab, which company did you go with?

  2. Our barn/shop was totally pre-fab; we added on some windows and skylights, but kept with the basic design of the building itself. One big advantage is for county building permits, it's a lot easier to permit a pre-fab building than an original design! And it was put up in a day (although it took a few more days for the foundation to be poured and to cure and another couple of days to have the electrician wire it. We went with a company called California Custom Sheds out of Salinas, CA. They were local, and I think a local company is probably easiest to work with, as they know your county's requirements. I think you could easily live in this place if the weather was mild (spring, summer or fall where you are) Glad to hear you're considering some country property, hope it works out for you!

    1. Thanks! It's a crapshoot at this point, but I have a glimmer of optimism :). It would be great because it is only about 30 minutes from the salon and a very easy drive (3 turns). But I'm skeptical of any acreage I can afford. It's been for sale for a while--hard to believe considering the proximity and the fact that it backs up to a 2500 acre state park. I'm thinking that maybe it's the utilities scaring people off. Of course the worst case is that it's some haunted Native American burial ground. We're especially paranoid about that here because of the Muirfield Golf Course! It's a Jack Nicklaus course that hosts a tournament around Memorial Day. It was partially constructed on a burial ground, and the historically AWFUL weather that plagues the tournament is attributed to a curse. It used to be that the week before and the week after were gorgeous, as to taunt the tournament. So then they moved the Memorial Tournament to the first week in June, and the weather flopped and was always awful that week and beautiful the week of Memorial Day. Sort of an interesting cultural thing here.

    2. And that awful weather once caused me to fall and slide down a muddy hill (in white shorts) trying to catch my friend who fell first (in a white skirt). It was as gloriously awful a fall in a public place as could be.