Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Day of Fall

The first day of fall in these parts always, and I do mean always, feels like summer.  Yesterday was no exception, it was about 90 degrees and sunny.  Fall creeps in steadily here, like smoke under the door, gentle, quiet and, at first, unnoticeable. She will first be providing us with colder evenings (low 50s and down into the 40s by next month), and then will mercifully keep shortening the length of the day by a minute or two until the heat can no longer make a stand during the afternoons. That's how it happens here.  The trees will not change color until November, and it will probably still feel like fall until just a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Then winter will set in for good and we will kiss our all-to-brief fall goodbye.

It is safe to say that I am weary of summer, yet I still count my blessings in regards to the many foggy, cold mornings we had in July and August, along with pleasant 80-degree days.  This summer was not a bad one at all, as far as temperatures go, but I am still ready for a change in seasons.

So now the wait for rainfall begins, especially at the end of this extremely dry year -- a record breaker out here in the west.  But before then we have a roof to repair and pellet stove to do the annual service on, so hopefully we can get all that done before the (hopefully) wet season sets in.

Fingers crossed on all accounts, especially for timely, heavy rain. 

In the meantime, we in the west wait earnestly for that first fallen leaf of autumn.


  1. Oh I hope it is a good fall and winter out there! It almost seems cruel to tell you what perfect weather we've had since May! But remember the many times I was snowed and iced in this winter! Nowhere is perfect. Our fall has been perfect. Starting around Sept 10, we have had mid 70s, blue skies, cool mornings. Perfect weather for the fall colors. But a perfect September often means a wash out October. My guess is October will be cold, rainy, and windy. Though I won't mind, as I have my new Barbour jacket waiting to break in! I will drink some Paso Robles cab and then do a rain dance for you!

    1. Also-my herbs are often black and dusted with snow by Thanksgiving. So you win there, too!