Thursday, September 25, 2014

The FInal Tally

Here's how the canning tally looks this season, not counting store-bought goods.

Fall 2014

31.5 quarts of diced tomatoes

10 jars Marmalade

12 jars sliced pickles

14 jars relish

6 jar whole pickles

5 jars icebox pickles

10 jars strawberry jam

11 jars olallieberry jam

5 quarts peaches

8 quarts apple pie filling

7 quarts spaghetti sauce

9 quarts salsa

1 jar Apricot Jam (for basting ham)

(I may get off the stick and do a few more jars of relish, it goes pretty quickly around here. Everything else is right on track for how much we use in a year, except diced tomatoes, which I always can in excess just in case next year's crop is a bust.)

Oh, and in case I forget, L'Shana Tova everyone!  Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! As I've mentioned, I do feel I'm a little bit Jewish :) I'm impressed by your tally! Have you harvested your pumpkins yet?

  2. I think if you feel like you're a little Jewish, you very well may be, somewhere back there in your ancestry. So you're as good as mishpacha in my book! The pumpkins are picked and drying out as we speak. I heard you need to leave them sitting for a couple more weeks after picking to allow them to ripen further. There are still a few on the vine but I picked 11, which is more than enough for pie and some soup. Very pleased how they turned out in the raised beds!