Thursday, October 29, 2015


That's what I made in cash tips yesterday at the winery (there will be at least this much in credit card tips, which will show up on my paycheck in a week or so). When I factor this into my hourly rate at the winery, I can often make more than I was making as a fully credentialed primary school teacher at Step 10 on the salary schedule.

Kind of amazing how little we pay teachers, most of whom practically have masters' degrees and years of professional development and study pertaining to how best instruct children. We entrust them with our most important assets -- our children, a.k.a. our FUTURE -- yet pay them so poorly few stay in the profession for a lifetime, thereby wasting a lifetime's worth of job experience.

Turns out, you can make more money waiting tables or pouring wine, both of which take no formal education whatsoever and which have the benefit of shorter shifts and adult company all day long (mostly).

In other news, I got a sterling performance review and a small raise at the end of my shift yesterday as well.  As a teacher, your raises are mandates on the salary schedule, are "one size fits all" and are no surprise. Getting a performance-based raise was a very pleasant one and definitely makes me feel valued at my workplace.

Go me.


  1. Congratulations on your raise & performance review. It is nice to be given recognition for a job well done. In addition to dealing w/adults, you get to help make them happy.

  2. It is terrible how little teachers are paid. Especially when their jobs are so goal oriented and stressful. But congratulations on your good news at work!