Monday, October 12, 2015

Steal #1

This was one of the items I bid on last weekend, and the only one small enough to get a car ride home from the auction house today when I when in to pay for everything. The rest will be delivered on Wednesday. This table cost $70, which was obviously a steal. The wood is absolutely gorgeous, it's extremely heavy and definitely a quality piece. I don't know where it's ultimately going to sit, but for now it's in the dining room.

My problem is that now the rest of what's in the house looks a little like an ugly stepsister next to it. I sit next to it and feel a little underdressed, kind of like being at a pajama pizza party and having Zsa Zsa Gabor suddenly come in in a formal, dripping with jewels and calling everyone "Dahhhling."

So maybe I need a new house, built around this one glorious, elegant end table. Problem solved.


  1. What a lovely side table. I'd agree that $70 was a steal!

  2. Thanks DFW! I'm thrilled with it, and especially with the price.

  3. What a find! And so perfect for your region. It's funny how important a good side table is. You'd think a side table is a side table but that's so not the case! I love large side tables like this where there's room for a lamp, an iPad, glasses, a drink, a magazine, a cookbook. I think it looks perfectly happy in your house!

    1. I'm very happy it's here; I moved it into the library where it can reside with other pieces of its social class and I think it's more relaxed now haha. I also love side tables, and am just starting to prefer round over square. Just so much kinder on the legs when you bump into them accidentally.