Thursday, October 29, 2015

We will rebuild!

Sitting here with my morning coffee and just got hit with a small earthquake. Scared me a little, scared the dog. For me it was because we still have not attached the earthquake straps to this heavy library furniture, thereby securing it to the wall so it doesn't crash down on us if the shaking gets serious. We went outside to the safety of the back yard for awhile. 

Hopefully not a foreshock of something bigger, and just a little reminder that Mother Nature is still large and in charge around here -- well, everywhere, really.


  1. That is scary, considering the possibility exists for something larger. We can't have anything throwing wrenches into our Thanksgivings! Haha.

  2. This was a sharp jolt, unlike most which kind of roll you around. The Bay Area has been in the midst of an earthquake swarm this month, so it's possible Ms. San Andreas is contemplating letting loose. The epicenter of our quake this morning was not far from that fault. But I agree, Thanksgiving must go on no matter what!

  3. When we had that big quake 10 years ago when 2 women died in a business in downtown Paso none of my stuff was tied down. I lost a lot of Blue Willow dishes that were passed down from my grandmother.They were on a plate rail in the kitchen. Now the plates are all anchored with putty. Also all my food flew out of the pantry doors and the honey went every where . If you didn't think that was a mess to clean up ! It's a good idea to get right on it asap. You just never know when another one will hit .It was pretty scary.

    1. It's true. The loss of that Blue Willow china must have been awful, being a family heirloom. During the Northridge quake of '94 my mother in-law cut her achilles tendon...while laying in bed! The top part of their bedroom amour flew across the room and the mirror sliced the back of her leg open. Stuff can travel a LONG way during shaking, I've learned that, too. I do worry about being at the winery when it happens. Talk about a place where a lot of glass will be flying....

  4. The winery is definitely not a good place to be in an earthquake .