Saturday, December 12, 2015

Beach Day

High Tide.

Today Big Ag and I took a day off the homestead to go and see the big tides at the coast. We've had some storms recently, plus this time of year we can get very high tides, which can combine with the storm action to make some absolutely huge waves. We were not disappointed. It was a typical perfect beach day, but with a lot more excitement off-shore than we normally see.

Against the wind.
I probably should not be telling you this (because I am inherently selfish and want to keep all this beauty and gorgeousness for myself), but if you live elsewhere and ever decide to come and visit our lovely Central California Coast, this is the time to come --  winter. No crowds, nice weather, and the ocean never looks more beautiful than when the sun rides low in the sky. It actually makes the water appear to sparkle even more than it does in summer. Plus usually there's a good chance you'll see some kind of sea life, either dolphins, seals or whales migrating. Except on a day like today of course, when the ocean itself is the star of the show.

A little ocean spray for ya.
We usually enjoy strolling along the sand when we visit this area, but today we stuck to the boardwalk as there was, literally, no sand to be seen along the coast -- it was all underwater!

Yes, we still have fences to fix, chicken coops to clean and leaves to rake, but just for this morning....we didn't. And I'm glad.

Meet my new boardwalk friend.


  1. How beautiful! Whenever I make it back to California, I will be coming in the winter. I don't much like crowds and will be happy everyone in the wineries, restaurants, and markets will have a little more time to chat. I was last in California in July (many years ago), and my memories consist of traffic and traffic and twelve million fender benders. So obviously I need a re-do! I'm sure we're just as awful ar driving here in Ohio, there are just less of us. And that trip was simply too much. Started in LA (or maybe San Diego, actually) and ended in SF over the course of a week. It's the trip I learned that I don't care to see everything, I'd rather see few things and enjoy them. It's what I call Taurus Travel, where I go one place, stay too long, eat and drink too much, and stick to about a 15 mile radius. Works for me, quite boring for many.

    1. I think you definitely have the right idea with travel. Although sometimes you need to come in and kind of sweep through a place, identifying the places you want to come back and spend more time. Maybe that was your first CA trip...really just a scouting trip for you second visit!!