Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Star Wars Premiere

This is my tribe, consisting of both family and friends, after seven hours of standing in line for the "Star Wars" premiere last Thursday. (Big Ag, not pictured, is inside buying himself some popcorn in advance) You know you're with the right group of people when you can do something like this and have it turn into serious quality time. You don't need a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise or trip to Hawaii to bring the family together if you have the right kind of family.

In my universe, "Star Wars" is all you need, plus maybe some pizzas delivered and Cards Against Humanity to help pass the time and increase the laughter factor, already usually off the charts with this group. We set up our lawn chairs, set up our food and drink, and settled in for the long wait in the morning, and then saw the 7 pm premiere with the absolute best seats possible (although we were second in line -- there is actually another family in the area more Star Wars crazy than us -- who knew?) 

There were also assorted fan geeks roaming about with lightsabers and robes, but that's to be expected for an "event sociologique" such as this.

Oh, and the movie was great, BTW. 


  1. Oh I was wondering if you'd already made it to see! So glad you had fun with the wait and enjoyed the movie! I'll see it in a few years when it's much easier :) Merry Christmas! Will there be Yorkshires this year?

    1. There absolutely will be Yorkshires this year! I caught hell for not having them on Thanksgiving, but I'm glad I waited to have them with prime rib (which will be cooked sous vide, of course). I think you should see Star Wars sooner than a few years from now though, it's a great story, plus as I pointed out to my daughter, three handsome leading men (two heroes, one villain). Can't go wrong with that.... : )