Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winter Salads and Sunsets

Buttercrunch, with baby onions on left.

We can't grow much lettuce in summer here because it's so hot (although I try anyway), but autumn/winter lettuce is another story. We are currently enjoying lots of fresh-picked salads, even though we do have to provide some bird deterrents (they hate the black pots and green tape for some reason, perhaps because it gives that part of the garden a decidedly trailer trash look) and frost protection (white row covers, raised during day to allow sunshine in). So exciting to have some delicious and easy-to-prepare greens. Pop them into a bowl and eat. Like breakfast cereal, only healthier. Gotta love that.

Red Leaf.

The late afternoons also take on a more golden hue in winter. And the cottonwood branch we bought with us from our last home has turned into a six-foot tall, lovely tree, which will hopefully get even bigger and wipe out our view of the neighbors' ugly shed and RV. At that point we'll also lose our views of the northern hills, further proof that you can't have everything, at least not at the same time.

Golden afternoon.

Golden Cottonwood.

Even nicer at sunset.


  1. Beautiful tree! And view! Well, except the RV :) and how wonderful that it's a piece of your old house.
    So jealous of all your fresh greens. I had to whip up a huge salad last night for an impromptu dinner and was very annoyed with the state of the greens at my grocery. Wish we were neighbors!

    1. I do too, for many reasons! But one of which is because I have more than I need and I love to share. : )