Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's raining right now up here on the hill, but it's a slushy rain/snow mix...margarita snow, I like to call it.  Right now it's much more rain than snow, but tonight we may have a better shot at seeing some of the white stuff, especially since we tend to be colder than the temperatures in town, which you can see above.  

Snow rarely sticks around here, but it's still fun to anticipate and occasionally see.  It looks beautiful on the ground, around the dormant vineyards. We battened down the hatches last night, preparing for stormy weather, so there's nothing we need to go out for at this point.  We can just light our pellet stove, keep warm and enjoy the show.

On tap for tonight, homemade pizza with sausage,mushrooms and olives, some beer, and a salad I picked before it started raining this afternoon.  Then watching out the window and waiting.

Snow?  Maybe.  I hope so. 

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