Monday, July 8, 2013

Cabinets and Cukes

In a few minutes, a truck will pull up and deliver our new kitchen cabinets.  Even though it's only the first step in the remodel, I can't wait to see those boxes.  I've been steadily emptying out the shelves in the old kitchen cabinets and stashing things in the spare room and our library, but as its been a slow burn I've had time to keep items stacked against the walls instead of underfoot.  But I still would not want anyone to visit our house right now, as it looks like we're moving or just auditioning for an episode of "Hoarders -- Buried Alive." My kitchen does not contain much junk, but with all the cooking, baking, canning and wine and soapmaking I do, I have managed to accumulate an impressive amount of equipment and supplies.

The vegetable garden is going like gangbusters, and this year its the cucumbers that have gone wild, to a point where I have many more times what I need (pickle and relish-making included!).  Luckily my friend Annette at the winery has offered to take my surplus, as she cans roughly 100 jars of pickles a year.  Sometime when we're not running around pouring wine I'm going to have to ask her what she uses that many pickles for.  Gifts? Potato salad? A giant decorative wall of pickle jars?  Those all sound good to me.

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