Friday, July 19, 2013

General Update

This has been a crazy week, between getting the kitchen ready for new cabinets and harvesting a bounty of vegetables which I can't use, since I have no kitchen to prepare or preserve food in.  I'm giving most of it away, to the girls at the winery, to my neighbors David and Ray, and really, anyone who shows an interest.  Success is not a problem here, and hopefully by the time my kitchen is functional again I will still get some garden goodies put aside for ourselves.

We're also coated in a thick layer of concrete dust as we speak, because the kid who came to do the tile removal used a grinder on the entire floor and dust got into everything, all over the house -- into drawers, electronics, the ceiling and walls and of course all the furniture and flooring.  We were wearing respirator masks until about yesterday. 

The construction company has pledged to make this mistake right, and next Wednesday a team of four professional housekeepers will be arriving to clean our living areas from top to bottom. That's a good thing! Monday and Tuesday will be cabinet installation days, but as the countertops will not be installed until about mid-August, we'll be minus a working kitchen sink and food prep area until then.  But at least some of what belongs in the kitchen cabinets can be put away (after the concrete dust is washed off, of course).

In the garden, there is an abundance of cukes, zukes, eggplant and my first ripe tomatoes.  I keep up with the watering and the harvesting, but that's about it at this point.  Life's not allowing for much else.

But the best news of all is that I just found out that my two dear friends Hal and Peter are getting married -- finally -- after 21 years together.  Perhaps I'll even be able to host the happy couple for dinner soon using our new kitchen!  Keep calm and marry on, California!


  1. Oh how frustrating. Haha there just doesn't seem to be ANY clean way to have concrete cut. For my salon I had to have an 18 foot trench (four feet deep) cut across the floor. Even after having the area completely sealed off, there was still concrete dust. Everywhere. I can't even imagine how bad it must be with a careless mason! Ah! But, wonderful news from your friends!
    It'll all be worth it when you're enjoying your new kitchen these coming holidays!

    1. So how long was it before you no longer felt a coating of dust on everything? Really, I dust every day, but it always seems to come back (although less and less as time passes). I'm hoping it will be gone completely in a couple more weeks?

    2. Yeah...maybe about three weeks? Although I still wish I could hose down the inside of my HVAC channels!

    3. OK thanks, I will keep at it then. We did put a HEPA filter on the A/C intake, hoping it would help. We shall see!